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Please join us for any of these events, all supporting a deepening into self through movement, spirituality, and creativity. 

Spring 2024
Expressive Arts Virtual Group:

Playful Self

In this group you'll explore the power of making more space and freedom to be yourself.


Using art, sound, movement, and writing, we'll welcome the power of playfulness, curiosity, spontaneity, and fun, leaning from your comfort zone to your aliveness zone. 

This is about expression, not product. Call up your inner child, genius, or muse and let's  have some fun. 


Fall 2024

In-Person Ketamine and Expressive Arts Retreat:

A Joyful Heart

Trauma, anxiety, and depression steal joy and aliveness. They steal our ability to feel safe enough to play. 

Come join us in a beautiful natural setting and nourish your birthright of delight and wonderment. 

Supported by nature therapy, ketamine therapy, and expressive arts therapy, come and invite a deeper breath and inquire into your own innate wholeness. 


September 2023

Virtual Authentic Movement Group Series:

Space for Self

Authentic movement can build significant mindfulness, presence, connection and trust. It's an intuitive movement mindfulness practice, often also described as mystical and relational. 

The idea behind it (from dance therapy) is that moving in this way allows our whole self to be expressed, heard, and integrated. 

Allow this 3-part movement mindfulness group to support you in your developing self-acceptance. This practice will honor who you are, just as your are. No experience required. Come join us. 

Empowered Relationships.png


November 2023

Empowered Romance:

Group for Single Women

Hosted by Balanced Life Movement, this group is for single women who want to end disastrous dating and find satisfaction in romance. This group offers a playful, inquisitive, and accountable space to connect with other women and move into empowerment.


October 2023

Ketamine and Expressive Arts Virtual Retreat:

Deep Inner Journey

Hosted by Balanced Life Movement, and in partnership with Journey Clinical, this virtual retreat offers significant financial savings while offering the deep support of group work. 

Ketamine can create a sense of wellbeing and wholeness. It can stimulate new growth in the brain, allowing you to form new supportive ways of living in the world.

KAP Retreat.jpg


Take Up Space:

Virtual Therapeutic Arts Group with Balanced Life Movement (BLooM)

Join us this Spring 2023 for an 8-week group workshop to enhance your relationship with your body through dance & movement, learn the wheel of emotions, improve emotional awareness and regulation, and foster healthy communication with like-minded others.


Embody Joy:

Virtual Therapeutic Arts Group with Balanced Life Movement (BLooM)

Join us this New Year 2023 to banish the blues and cultivate gratitude. Every Friday, we will meet live on Zoom to EMBODY our highest self --you know, the one that may feel depressed or anxious right now but really yearns to make a change. Stuck is not an option.

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