The Back to Basics Challenge

A weeklong paid Facebook challenge to reprioritize and revitalize your health in ways that feel good to you.


You can come as your whole self and we will create wellness from the inside out focusing on hydration, nourishment, movement, sleep, boundaries, fun, and peace of mind. 

Use prompts, videos, classes, discussions, planning, and tracking live or recorded, in a timing that supports you, to give yourself the love and attention you truly want.

Next Kickoff March 8, 2021

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Friday Dance Party

The best reason? It feels good! No experience needed. In my book since you have a body and a heartbeat you know how to dance. This isn’t Zumba or ballet. It’s you and me, music, breath, exploration and liberation. 

7:30 pm EDT- 8:30 pm EDT
$12 Per Person Drop-In on Zoom


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Individual Coaching 

I help brave and accountable clients build self-love using embodiment, creativity, and spirituality. If you're ready to invest in yourself, heal, and face your fears so that you can stop judging yourself and putting yourself down, and start trusting and loving yourself- get in touch with me. I'd love to talk to you. 

Dance Your Joy Group Program

An ongoing intensive group program rooted in movement, mindfulness, and art. Get out of your head and into your body. Stop second-guessing yourself. Walk away from being a walking head. Learn to tune into your whole self- body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately, learn to trust and love yourself in this group program. If you feel called to this , send me a message here, on Facebook, or Instagram. 

Saturday Gentle Yoga

I've said it before- Gentle can be powerful. Maybe its because I'm a Pisces, and I understand that a consistent gentle stream of water will wash a path through rock. Either way, Gentle Yoga is my favorite yoga, Come join me. This is all about supporting you in trusting yourself, loving yourself, and allowing yourself to feel good. 

11:00 am EDT-12:00 pm EDT

$12 Per Person Drop-In on Zoom


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